Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Appetite is back

I hadn't notice that it had actually gone anywhere but today I was starving at the end of this morning's 10 miler. Instead of the normal oatmeal I had eggs topped with grated cheese and 4 pieces of toast.

And then for lunch I had a really large sandwich.

Mmm. That was a good bowl of ice cream just now for dessert after supper. My goodness. Looks like I'm making up for that long run.

Energy I guess.

Needless to say, I won't expect any weight reduction from my running this week. There's always next week.

And finally, a word about adolescent deer. What's got into them?? They've been trotting down the street like they own the place. And now they wag their little tails at me. This morning I had to stop in my tracks as two of these playful creatures made a dash - at me! There I was, running along, minding my own business, when around a corner I come across two of these young ones playing dice or whatnot in the middle of the street. They look up, see me, and then start bounding toward me! I stopped up short and was thinking a fast retreat might be a good idea when, just before I was trampled in some fun fawn game, the little buggers tossed off into the woods. Phew!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fencing me out

Today I ran a recovery 5 miler. The sunrise was beautiful, the air crisp, and the smell of autumn was all around me.

Too bad I didn’t enjoy it.

Wobble is today’s word. And Woozy. That’s another good word for today.
The effects of yesterday I presume.

On another note… they are installing a fence around the airport here in Eastport. Looks like I’ll have to find another place to run my speed work. It’s too bad really. The strip is ¾ of a mile and serves as a good flat stretch to run hard. Plane traffic has never been a concern. In fact, I’ve only messed up one landing. A bit of a surprise really. You’d think they’d make a bit more noise sneaking up behind me like that.

Do planes have horns?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Slow Motion

It's 2002 all over again.

This is a common complaint of mine when I finally get back to training and I hit these long runs. They really take it out of me and showcase the slide which we are all susceptible of when we don't train. But, being an experienced slacker/trainer/slacker, I wasn't surprised when I shuffled in the 22nd mile and then proceeded to suffer the slo-mo's for the rest of the day.

I nibbled my food.

I sipped my water.

I stared off into space.

It was bad enough I chickened out of running with someone when my friend Jon emailed for some company. No... fearing to be too far away from the security of the house in case of foot issues, I declined the offer and planned a run near the house. This contributed greatly to my late start (I ended up sleeping in) which also meant a late finish. So half the day was shot with my run. 

All turned out well however.  My youngest fed me Saltine crackers. I perked up a little and then disappeared into the shower. Then I ate lunch. Then it was time to visit my parents and have lasagna. Now there's a post-run meal!

The run itself went well. I did 3 out & back sections. The first two 7.9 miles long and the third 6.4 miles. Water was only at the house and I thought that would be sufficient but I really felt it on the final out & back. Next time I'll place a bottle somewhere in the middle too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love my podiatrist

She said: "Have you tried not running?"

Andrew filter: "Has the pain kept you from running, poor soul?"

She said: "I won't tell you to stop running because you won't listen."

Andrew filter: "Run 'til you die. Don't let anything stop you."

She turned out to be a sensitive, caring woman. She didn't argue with me at all. For example, when I said, "Take Sunday's 20 miler... it was sore until the ibuprofen kicked then, then it hurt again from miles 14 - 17, but then the endorphins took over and all was ok"... she merely raised her eyebrows.


But seriously, here's the skinny. It's your old fashioned P.F. It hasn't gone away for months because it's not being treated. She sympathizes with the need to run and says it can be done. Also, the pain is radiating up into the ankle because of a subtle gait change while walking and/or running that is putting pressure on a different tendon. "Fix the P.F. and you fix the ankle." - Dr. Pod.

New rules:

1. 3 tablets of ibuprofen 3 x day for 10 days. Do not treat pain, treat inflammation. My problem has been taking ibuprofen for pain only. She says I need a 10 day regimen.

2. Orthotics. Need major support for the Plantar tendon that is not being provided with my shoes or sneakers. She suggested I change my sneakers more often. I suggested she lend me a Franklin or two. Instead, she gave me orthotics for my running shoes. Said to take out the insoles and replace them with the orthotics. She also gave me orthotics for my walking shoes.

3. Ice. Frozen water bottle to be rolled by socked foot. Ice is not necessary on top of the foot.

4. Foot splint. To keep the foot flat while sleeping or watching a movie, I am to encase my foot in a splint.

5. Hills. Stop running up or down hills. Flat courses are for me says she. Until everything calms down.

6. Stretch foot with belt prior to getting out of bed. This will get the tendon back to its proper position prior to putting weight on it.


While I may have entered the doctor's office trembling like a leaf, I left all smiles with my arms overloaded with two sets of orthotics, a night splint, and pockets stuffed with a million little packets of Biofreeze.

What a beautiful day.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Meeting the Mountain Goat

After driving 3 hours in the pouring rain, I arrived safely, if not soggily, at the Blackwoods Campground in Bar Harbor. I pulled up to the Ranger's little cabin and the first thing I noticed was the sign that commanded: "Stay with your Vehicle!". I turned off the engine and didn't move a muscle.

Park Lady: "May I help you?"

"Yes. I am here to see Jamie."

"Ah yes!" she cried. And then disappeared.

A short period ensued where I was left alone to ponder the aforementioned sign.

A new lady appears.

Park Lady 2: "How long will you be staying?"

"Just the night" I reply.

"Do you have a Park Pass?"

"No... am I in a Park?"

"Yes. $5."

As I hand over the $5 I receive minute instructions on where exactly to park my motorcycle - "In front of the rocks, not beyond!" Her hands joined in. "Cars here - tent there".

"Got it." I assured her and I left the Protectress of Blackwoods to find my way to B120.

I pulled up to the tent site and the purring of the Kawasaki woke Jamie up. After a few words of introduction, I launched into one of my long monologues about Ham Radio or motorcycles or some nonsense and relieved him of having to say anything. After a short hour, Mike & Marc showed up. Jamie was very glad to see them.

Here are some things I learned from Jamie:

1. He likes baseball. In fact, he likes baseball so much, he convinced us to dine in a restaurant that had a TV every 3 feet. Every screen was THE GAME.

2. Jamie is happy when the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Jamie is unhappy when the Yankees beat the Red Sox. We all spoke very encouragingly about the Red Sox.

3. Drinking Gatorade supports Jamie's alma mater - The U of F. Go Crocs!

4. Jamie's cellphone is not a phone. It is a scoreboard.

There seems to be a tangible difference between a Moose, even a blind one, and a sturdy Mountain Goat. The MG appears to be able to ascend multiple steep hills with no apparent stress. Us Moose, however, are left stumbling, tumbling, and fumbling our way through the course. The poor goat had to wait for us several times. A patient, kind, goat.

It wasn't long, however, until we had him showing us the 'ballet hop' in response to my 'windmill' and Mike's 'airplane' as we careened down a hill. Yes, he fit right in.

It was a great weekend with lots of laughs and the addition of another kindred spirit made it that much better. We are looking forward to next month and the actual race. We'll probably win the "most miles laughed" category.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Soaking my foot

No appointment yet with the podiatrist but it's in the works. I couldn't take it anymore and went out this morning for the slowest run I've done in ages. But it felt so good to be out there as opposed to another day without my run. I ran until I felt the endorphins. Ahhh.

So now I am home soaking my foot in an ice bath. Feels rather good really.

Avg pace: 9:55. Avg HR 131.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2008... What will she bring?

Because 2007 is shot.

The foot is in a state. Right foot, right side, just below the ankle. Severe pain in the morning. Red mark. Foot is bearable with ibuprofen during the day.

I can't feel it just now due to an old Irish remedy.

I am going to see a podiatrist. Something is wrong - more so than the normal injuries I am used to. I've done something to the old boy and I don't know what. I think it stems from something simple to an aggravated condition since I've had some slight pain for a month or so. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

If I can recover, I'd like to join my pals at the MDI marathon for some light hearted marathoning. If not, I'll be a spectator. Marc is back on track so it looks like he' s running the race. This is great. Mike's recent posts claim some trouble on the training front and maybe a revision to his racing plan. But as Marc pointed out to me today: "Mike says things are tough and then smokes a PR". I think there's a word for this. Hustler.....

And how about that crazy southern Mainer? 31 miles of mountain running - for fun. He's part goat. I'll still show up for that camping / running trip next week if only to be part of the run (somehow).

Maybe things will just clear up on their own. Maybe a little rest? Marc and his rusty saw?

This will be the first year since 2003 I've haven't run a marathon. Many, many lessons to be learned here. Classic.

"Don't you know what you're doing?"- parenthetical intro to Suicide Blonde by INXS.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Failing Foot

The right foot continues to be injured. Slightly sore on the run this morning turned into really sore by mile 4. Came home.

I won't be racing MDI. I may jog it. Training is so low right now I can't expect anything.

I was able to move 3 cord of wood over the weekend. That was some exercise.

37 minutes 150 avg HR.