Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 miles after the Berlin Marathon

I guess watching the Berlin Marathon on the internet doesn't count as training but it sure was fun. Got in three miles afterward as that's all I had time for.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The hurricane that didn't

Got a pass on the high winds and rain here in Eastport thank goodness. In the bullseye for much of the forecast, Kyle veered off at the last moment and took all the worry away. (My worry was for a flooded basement).

This morning the stars were out and the streets were wet and dark. The only blow downs were just the leaves and I sort of like that.

5 miles @ 7:26 pace. Felt ok.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to the beginning

Well things didn't turn out for me as I hoped. And so it is quite evident I'm back to the beginning. PEI is out for me.

Five miles this morning was very enjoyable. Got the blood flowing and it was nice just be on the road. Pace was around 8:06 per mile. Going to try to rebuild after this horrific slide. I'll have to think about a Spring marathon.

Week total was about 13 miles.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All I had time for

Just a refreshing 3 miles this morning. Wore hat and gloves. 7:27 pace. Still sore from Sunday's run but it eased up after a mile. I think this head cold has something to do with how I feel out there. My conversation with Marc yesterday reminded me to get out there for at least something even if time is constrained.

Saw Eric. He's pounding out the miles.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Five miles to recovery

I got out there and got in 5 miles. The mind wanted longer but the body did not. Either way, happy to get out again on a Monday morning. Really slow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well that was hard

17 miles after a long hiatus as work chewed me up and put me down. But when the Boyden boys said Sunday was on I thought I'd try a little group therapy.

It was great to be back on the roads. Hopefully this renewed spirit can see me into the week and not let work get the best of me.

17 miles @ 8:22 pace.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Twenty Miles (just not in a row)

Got out there with Tropical Storm Hanna this morning. Wind and rain. Mostly rain.

By 10 miles I was a drowned rat and I was happy to end the run right there. I thought maybe I'd get out in the afternoon when Hanna moved off to Canada.

When I got home the cellar had filled in the 1 1/2 hours I was gone. I had checked it before I left and it was fine. Funny how quickly things can turn.

Well, after a nice nap after lunch, I was ready for another 10 miles. Rather humid out there and this is the type of weather I don't have much experience with. But I managed fine. I do notice that I run a little faster in the afternoon. The run went by much quicker and I had some fun adding some faster pacing in the final miles. Even went to the arms for the last one in 5:37.

Morning: 10 miles @ 9:10 pace
Afternoon: 10 miles @ 7:12 pace.

The week came in at a meager 39 miles as work got the best of me. Maybe I'll get the better of work next week. One can always hope.

PEI is coming together or coming apart depending on how you look at it. Marc and I are traveling up together as the plans keep changing to keep pace with the torrent of life. While the commander somehow keeps his act together, Marc and I are the blind moose that live up to the name.

Let's see... August reading: One book only - Theory of Knowledge by A.D. Woozley. It was an introductory to the debate between the Truth-as-Correspondence camp and the Truth-as-Coherence camp with a long chapter critical of any sort of dualism in arguments. Sort of dense reading. By the end of the book he had trashed both theories and searched for truth in a different manner altogether. Seemed rather futile.

He had a real obsession with Knowledge needing to be true. When I picked up the book I was hoping that it would be a discussion on the theory of how one knows what one knows. But instead, what one knows was taken for granted and the question in the book was whether what one knows is actually true. Lots of loops and at times I met myself coming out just as I was walking in. This one will have to stew for awhile.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Recovery? run

Back from a week layoff.  So at 3am I jumped out of bed ready to resume. And I felt good out there but not that good. I realized the old legs need a little time to get the kinks worked out from no running last week. In fact I had an inkling this would be the case as near the end of last week I had leg cramping while I slept.

So I ended the run at 5 miles, pleasantly refreshed. The left thigh muscle was a little tight when I ended so I'm glad I did stop and had not continued on to some damage. Typical roller coaster training for me but I'm the one that has to live with myself and I can't beat myself up over it all the time. As long as I keep getting back up I suppose.

I was hoping to see Eric out there but it was a little early for his run I think. I was in the mood for a little company. He has kept his blog alive and it is nice to see his training continue even after the school year start. 

See you tomorrow.