Sunday, February 07, 2010

Back at Boyden

I ran with Jonathan and Mike today at Boyden for 12 miles. Nice and easy. I was late and had to catch them. They graciously turned back toward me at the 1st mile... otherwise it would have taken a little while. I was doing the chores around the house and chopping wood prior to the run and didn't manage the time very well. By the time I got my gear on and in the car I was late.

The temperature wasn't too bad for the first 7 miles. But those last 5 were directly into a very cold headwind. The conversation stopped except for two jokes. But other than that it was the silent three jogging back to the cars.

This week the temperatures were so low I had lost some of my motivation... but this week the temperatures are supposed to moderate and I should be back on the roads. I do miss it when I'm not out there getting in the miles. Working on getting through this stupid month.