Sunday, June 26, 2005

108 (miles that is)

Week 2 after my 3 week recovery period went extremely well. Gently, I continued my foray into high mileage and found it pleasantly appealing. By changing my approach, I was able to accumulate an average daily mileage of 15.4 miles. Here's the rundown:

Monday: 10.2 in the AM, 6 @ lunch
Tues: 10.8 in the AM, 6 @ lunch
Wed: 10.4 in the AM, 6 @ lunch
Thu: 10.2 in the AM, 6 @ lunch
Fri: 5+ in the AM (Friday fun run), 6 @ lunch
Sat: 21.2 in the AM long run
Sun: 10.2 in the AM

Lydiard's program calls for a varying mileage during the week along with varying pace. Well, as I found out, I am not quite ready for the intensity of this...yet. So, I adjusted my plan to accumulate 100 miles per week by running twice per day - basically 10 in the AM and 6 at lunch. Doing 16 in two sessions during the workweek allows for about 75 - 80 miles by Friday, leaving room for a 20 miler on the weekend with a shorter run on the alternate weekend day. I plan on sticking to this type of routine for about 6 weeks or so until I have the 100 miles per week solidly in hand. At that point I will introduce minimum distance variations (perhaps 1 per week?) as I build Lydiard's program into my workout. After the successful distance implementation, I will then start the variations in pace. I see now why Lydiard suggests taking a few years to get this right.

Another approach to the week has been to vary the course each day if possible. This has worked wonders on making the week go by quickly! Eric and I change the course each morning. Only one course is repeated - the dreaded "Eric's course" that is rather hilly. Here's what we've been doing:

Mon: Eric's course - large, long hills. 10.2 miles. Loops around Eastport in figure 8 fashion.
Tue: Sipayik - 3x 3.6 mile paved path. Flat & beautiful. Here's what we see when we start:

And here's the start:

Wed: 2 x 5.2 mile loops. The old standby. Undulating course.
Thu: Eric's course (again!)
Fri: Friday FUN Day! For the past two weeks we have run cross country to a sand pit to run the sand hills, then we jog over to the airport taxiway for 1/4 mile stride-outs. We end at the coffee shop and walk home with our coffees. Other times we have hiked Shackford Head or tortured ourselves by running the "paper-route". This course involves going up and down every sidestreet in town. This is a grinding up & down tour of Eastport (as a paperboy sees it in the morning).

My lunch runs do not vary because of time constraints. The 3 mile river trail is right behind the bank and I do two laps for 6 miles. Plus, it is a dirt trail and flat. This is a good thing as the morning runs are hard enough. Perhaps someday I can squeeze another lap in to make it 9 miles but this will have to wait.

Saturday & Sundays alternate their function depending. This week I ran the long run with Marc & Eric on Saturday and Sunday a nice 10.2 with Marc in Calais. (He was back from New York for a visit). Saturday's run was a lot of fun. Eric joined us for the first time for a long run. His plan of running 15 - 18 miles worked out great. Marc & I ran a final 2.7 mile lap that finished out 21.2 miles. By the time we stopped the temps and humidity were high. Thank goodness we started early. Our course was in the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge just outside of Calais. It's a beautiful place to run with wide dirt roads, some hills, and lots of nice views as you run in & out of wooded areas. Attack turtles laid in wait on the sandy roads pretending to lay eggs. We'd come upon them like a land mine. Then the rabbits were pretending they were tame, just waiting for us to try to pat them before they lunged at our unprotected hands like the bloodthirsty creatures they really are. Luckily we knew enough about running to give rabbits lots of room. Oh, I almost forgot the dive bombing partridge. Somehow we accidentally flushed one out of its nest and it almost took Eric out. He ducked just in time. This hare-raising turtle bird business put me on the lookout for bears. I shared some bear wisdom that I learned at my father's knee. He said, "Remember Andy, you don't have to out-run a bear. You just have to out-run your buddy." Truer words never spoken. Alas, the run ended bear free. Marc provided the powergels and entertained us with his stories of when he plowed snow at the Bangor Airport. One particular story was hilarious as he relayed the time it snowed so hard they had to plow just the center line and pull off at the very last second as the jumbo jet came rocketing down the runway for takeoff. A Finnish pilot we're told - it appears snow is not a concern to Scandinavian pilots.

Here we are at the beginning of our long run:

They always put me in the middle to highlight the fact that I am shorter then they are. Marc has a similar photo of us here. It's a good thing a speeding car didn't happen along, as you can see we're not paying attention. So that's the week's report. I have a 7 mile race next weekend as part of the 4th of July festivities here in Eastport. Should be fun. Good running to all.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rabbits. They're with you when you race, they're with you when you train.

Marc. The prodigal running partner. (We await your return).

Eric. Will only do intervals in the rain (or so it seems).

Sipayik Trail

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Out of the Bunk & Out of the Funk

I finally rousted myself out of bed and onto the streets of Eastport this morning. Below is what the start of each morning's run looks like (in the springtime light).

Early morning view of the start of each run. Posted by Hello

Eric and I ran an easy 10.4 in 1:29:12. The miles slid easily by as we chatted away. I felt a little cramp in the hamstring at mile 5 that went promptly away. I am so glad to be back at it. Not running is quite trying. It effects all aspects of the daily routine if the run is put on the shelf. Tomorrow is Friday fun run day, so Eric & I will have to decide what wacky course to do. We throw the measured courses away and run the entire pre-work allotment on non measured meanders. It's a good way to break up the week.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A slow, slow road to recovery

Man, am I having trouble. First a low mileage week at 19 miles, then what appeared to be a good week at 49 miles. However, no long miles and nothing like Lydiard's program done. Then, today (beginning last night) my legs hurt and ached like I had arthritis.  Worse then the blow it is doing to my miles, it has got me down - kind of like the winter blues I had last January. It's a case of wanting to run, but either not able to do the mileage or worse, able but letting motivation issues get in the way. This morning I couldn't get out of bed for the run and I can't decide if it was the legs or mind that was the most sluggish. Tomorrow, I hope, will be a different story.

Eric and I ran the Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge on Saturday. 11.2 miles of beautiful woods and meadows. We had to stop at one point to let some geese and their chicks run ahead of us to a pond (there was no way around them). Near the end of the run we spotted a moose out for its morning workout running through a field. Cross country runner.

A short post. Typical of a mind uneasy. Need to run. Will go out tomorrow to squash the funk.