Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to baseline

I think the calf injury is pretty much healed...?? Got in 51 miles last week in 5 runs. Two 12 milers and a 15 miler made the week pleasurable. Mike and I got together again and hopefully this will be the beginning of a nice long winter of running.

After the run we snacked on cinnamon rolls.


Anonymous smartwool said...

Congrats on your healing....Goodluck on your winter running...

9/20/2010 8:10 PM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

Mmmmm! Some good!!

9/20/2010 8:17 PM  
Blogger Ewen said...

Man, those are nice looking cinnamon rolls! Enjoy the last dregs of summer before the snow starts falling.

9/21/2010 4:12 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

If you're doing that kind of mileage relatively comfortably, it's obviously a very good sign. Welcome back! Mmmmmmm, cinnamon rolls...

9/21/2010 7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the running community!


9/26/2010 8:21 PM  
Anonymous mizuno said...

I like cinnamon rolls. Anyway, I like your blog, very interesting. Good luck on your running! :D

10/13/2010 6:27 AM  
Anonymous Julie Tolkin said...

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Blogger Mark said...

those cinammon rolls do you in?

12/19/2010 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Cruiser said...

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5/11/2012 4:45 AM  
Anonymous Nicky said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

5/22/2012 5:18 AM  

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