Sunday, September 23, 2007

Slow Motion

It's 2002 all over again.

This is a common complaint of mine when I finally get back to training and I hit these long runs. They really take it out of me and showcase the slide which we are all susceptible of when we don't train. But, being an experienced slacker/trainer/slacker, I wasn't surprised when I shuffled in the 22nd mile and then proceeded to suffer the slo-mo's for the rest of the day.

I nibbled my food.

I sipped my water.

I stared off into space.

It was bad enough I chickened out of running with someone when my friend Jon emailed for some company. No... fearing to be too far away from the security of the house in case of foot issues, I declined the offer and planned a run near the house. This contributed greatly to my late start (I ended up sleeping in) which also meant a late finish. So half the day was shot with my run. 

All turned out well however.  My youngest fed me Saltine crackers. I perked up a little and then disappeared into the shower. Then I ate lunch. Then it was time to visit my parents and have lasagna. Now there's a post-run meal!

The run itself went well. I did 3 out & back sections. The first two 7.9 miles long and the third 6.4 miles. Water was only at the house and I thought that would be sufficient but I really felt it on the final out & back. Next time I'll place a bottle somewhere in the middle too.


Blogger Jamie said...

You got a lot further than I did. Nice job! Hopefully it'll pay nice dividends in 20 days.

9/24/2007 6:01 AM  

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