Monday, September 29, 2008

The hurricane that didn't

Got a pass on the high winds and rain here in Eastport thank goodness. In the bullseye for much of the forecast, Kyle veered off at the last moment and took all the worry away. (My worry was for a flooded basement).

This morning the stars were out and the streets were wet and dark. The only blow downs were just the leaves and I sort of like that.

5 miles @ 7:26 pace. Felt ok.


Blogger Grellan said...

Sorry to hear about PEI Andrew. Not an easy decision i'd say. Good luck with rebuilding.

9/29/2008 8:08 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

What can I say to change your mind? Well there's always a marathon in Nov and I hear that the Rocket City marathon in Huntsville in Dec is pretty good...

9/29/2008 4:50 PM  

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