Monday, November 07, 2005

Quick Update As I Begin Recovery Week #2

Yesterday, I ran 7.9 miles for my "long run" in 1:03:34 (8:03 pace). Felt good to be running more than 3.1. Afterward, I drove around town trying to find additional running routes. I also re-measured the 3.1 loop and the 5.2 mile loop. Being conservative, I am going to downgrade my 3.1 to 3.0 (although it is a tad longer) but the 5.2 was already conservative. I found a .8 mile addition, a 2.2 mile loop and a 4 mile "lollipop" (that uses the 2.2 mile loop) configuration. Add these to the 1.5 Redoubt Hill and the 1.5 Airport loop "add's" and I've got a small portfolio of possible combinations. This way I can mix it up a little bit.

Based on the recovery feedback from last week I decided to give the green light to 50 miles this week (as planned) but I made a change. Instead of doing 6.2 for 6 days with a 14 mile "long" on Sunday, I decided to vary the distances similar to Lydiard. This lowers the "long run" to 11 miles but puts in better variety. Here's the week's plan:

M 7.5 easy
Tu 5 easy
W 7.5 easy
Th 6 easy
F 9 easy
Sa 5 easy
Su 11 easy

Total = 51.

This should maintain the original purpose of "recovery" but stop the monotonous miles. Also, it gives a little "flavor" of the ascent that begins next week. I basically just took Lydiard's mileage times 50%. I'll do 70% next week, 80%, 90%, then finally 100% as the weeks progress. All of
these runs during the ascent will be easy with no varying intensity except for the odd faster (or slower) day.

So today's 7.5 miler went without a hitch in 1:03:10 or an 8:25 pace. I expect my times to go up a little bit as the miles increase and also to account for the extra padding that are in the these courses of mine (they're all a little long). Weather was nice and a little warm at 55F.

Two things that I have done for the training this week: 1) wrote out ahead what the course would be on each day and 2) wrote out the "start" time. (Remember, I start with the estimated ending time - 7AM - in mind). This way the week is planned and I just need to get up at the appropriate time and do it. I feel pretty good about this because I can anticipate the weekly "feedback" playing a strong role in how the next week's plan is written down. What I am trying to avoid is the pitfall of not running a coherent week of workouts because I am haphazardly running with no purpose. Back to doing crunches and pushups now too.

I am very excited about this plan. Today I wanted so badly to bring my running gear to work for a nice 60 minute jog at lunch. But I held off. I start the 60 minute jogs after I complete my ascent and then only add 2 per week for 3 weeks. I don't even start varying the intensity (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) until January 2nd!

Typical aches & pains but no lingering effects from the marathon. I am in need of new running shoes and unfortunately, they have discontinued the model that I wear (Saucony Grid Azura i (the older model). I got the last two pair in the country a few months ago. I had to track them down to a Saucony outlet in Florida. I think they wanted $80 for two pair. Not a bad deal. What to do with old shoes? I haven't tried out the newer version but it didn't get good reviews with the changes made so it is back to the drawing board. I have been eying the Mizuno Wave Precision 5 on sale at RoadRunner Sports.

After this final week of recovery I will begin the ascent to 100 miles per week. Done in 4 steps: 70, 80, 90, then 100. All easy miles and like Mike says, slowly. After I reach 100 miles, I will carry on easily for 3 weeks while I build in the "jog" at lunch. Then, finally, I will introduce the varying paces and run 6 weeks cycles.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Recovery Week #1 Almost Over (thank goodness)

I've been so good.

Not only have I run all this week, I have limited myself to just 3.1 miles per day in order to effect a rapid and successful recovery. And it's working. Hey, who would have known? Following the tried and true, fully communicated, can't possible not know this advice from runners, friends, coaches, websites, and more is actually working. Taking time to recovery is the key ingredient. So I've given myself two full weeks of recovery training. I am just finishing week 1.

The first week was to be 5k's all week with a ~ 7 mile run on Sunday morning which I intend to do tomorrow. Next week will be 10k's all week with a 14 miler on Sunday. These are all done at a relaxed pace. So far I have stuck to it and it appears to be working wonderfully. I feel rested, relaxed, and the aches, pains, creaks, & groans are all making an appearance then disappearing.

The biggest battle is my level of motivation. It is too high. I knew the marathon would be the launching point for my new training plan for the Fall of 2007 and it is hard to just run the measly 5k. Especially since the I am recovery nicely. My Canadian neighbor (just back from an amazing 3:20:03 in St. John, NB in horrid weather conditions) is having a slower go of it but things are looking up. No doubt due to ice cream and some more ice cream. Even recommends ice cream to others. If we get together for a run soon, I'll expect some ice cream for a post run treat.

I chuckle when I look at my log for the week. It's so.. so.. consistent! Six 3.1 mile runs right in a row. Wow. Anyway, my new plan is a long term plan - two years. Since my mind knows I have a nice long horizon, I can (and will) take the time necessary to complete the required training. This week and next are recovery, so I am running workouts that promote this and this only. Here are the last six days:

M 3.1 miles 25:32 (8:14 pace). Legs sore. Wx mild.
Tu 3.1 miles 25:05 (8:05 pace). Feeling better, still a little sore. Beautiful morning/cool.
W 3.1 miles 25:11 (8:07 pace). General soreness subsiding/intermittent specific pains.Rainy
Th 3.1 miles 24:22 (7:52 pace). Faster w/no addt'l effort. Chilly.
F 3.1 miles 23:36 (7:37 pace). Chilly. Nice easy run.
Sa 3.1 miles 23:39 (7:38 pace). Felt good & relaxed. 48F & overcast.

I'm dying to go for a nice rewarding long run but I will hold off. Plenty of time, Andrew, plenty of time.