Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Domino

I like to have six hours of sleep if possible so I got up at 3:30 instead of 3:00.  But that didn’t give me enough time to start my run at 4:00.  So I started at 4:15.  Which got me back to the house at 6:45 instead of 6:30.  Which shortened my breakfast and work prep time down to 30 minutes instead of 45.  But I couldn’t do it in 30 minutes so I started my 1 hour commute late.  Which made the Kawasaki purr.

Two and a half hours was on the schedule this morning.  Nice and easy @ 9:03 pace.  Ran an 8+ mile loop twice around town and got in 16.6 miles total.  Beautiful sunrise and the birds were singing.  I felt ok but not great.  Even going slower, I feel the extra 15 minutes.  The 2:30 and 2:45 workouts are tougher than they first appear.  And I have a 3:00 long run scheduled for the weekend.  I might run that one a little faster than 9 mins/mile as I find I’m a little smoother somewhere in the eights and I feel a little better over the length of the run.

The head cold is slowly abating.  Remnants are a stuffy nose and irritated throat.  But my energy level seems to be back except for the normal end of the week fatigue I feel.


Blogger Richard said...

I agree on the low 8's for smoother running. High 8's are like a shuffle and harder to do than low 8's for a long run..........this is probably why I'll never master an ultra!!

6/18/2009 12:09 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

When I read your "daily time schedule" posts I think that's alright, almost similar to many of us until I get to the part of commuting for one hour. So, you spend two hours a day, in a vehicle commuting? Uuggh that there would drive me nuts.

6/18/2009 2:55 PM  
Blogger lindsay said...

i thought i was bad for only getting 5-6 hours! this makes me feel a little better. 1-hr commute, gross. hope the head cold clears up for your long run/the weekend.

6/19/2009 7:11 AM  

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