Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing to see here

Too foggy.  My glasses misted over early and I was blind for the next 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I felt better this morning but I baby-stepped it out the highway taking it really easy for the first part of the run.  Averaged a 9:30 pace or so.  After an hour I saw Eric’s form looming out of the fog and he joined me for rest of the run.  The pace quickened and the final average paces was 8:54.


Just the standard run of the mill 15 miler.  It’s these workouts that create a good base from which to work.  It was easy but of a length that adds to the mileage account that earns interest until I close it out in October.


The faster pace on the 2nd half was brought to my attention by Eric.  And when we found ourselves with five additional minutes to spare he got his revenge by making me run the McDugal hill on Estes Head.  Thanks Eric.  Nice embed.


The recovery run on Sunday is working its way through the average.  The 7 day moving average dropped below the 30 day average this morning and most likely will drop a hair or two more before the rest of the week’s mileage brings it back.  It is interesting to see how one good recovery run works its magic graphically.  Mike would be so proud.


Speaking of Mike, he is back to running.  I am anxiously waiting for this morning’s twitter update to see what he did today.


Total miles: 15.2


Blogger Love2Run said...

Nice work Andrew. I'm taking real baby steps as I consider how to get back into it after a 6 week layoff.

6/16/2009 1:58 PM  
Blogger lindsay said...

how do you run with glasses! even when i wear mine to cut the grass and i sweat the teeniest bit they slide off my nose.

15 in the morning sounds good! i think i'd have to get up at 3am to pull that off (course i have to be at work by 6:30 though).

6/16/2009 2:21 PM  

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