Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend Update

Sat: 10.35 miles @ 8:42
Sun: 24.1 miles @ 7:29

108.42 miles for the week.

Just how many Sundays will Michael make me run alone? I hate it when he's got a good excuse. And today his excuse is doubled with the Father's Day 5 Miler he helps organize. I swore there would be a deluge for his party and they'd have to rename the race - "The Father's Day Scramble for the Ark". But he sent me this message via twitter on Friday:

@downeastrunning rain? it never rains on my parade/St. Andrews Fathers Day race

And guess what? It didn't rain - at least not on this side of the bay. He must be some sort of wizard.

But it did rain yesterday. And I got soaked. I decided that I would do my recovery run on Saturday and the long run on Sunday per the original schedule. The deciding factor was the girls couldn't wait and gave me my Father's Day gift on Friday night - a new pair of running shoes!

These are the Saucony Grid Sinister shoes. They are lightweight but a little heavier than the Saucony Fastwitch 3 shoes that I have been wearing - about 3 ounces. That is ok. I got into the Fastwitch model a little while ago and loved them until the #3's came out. I did like the 3's because they were lightweight (6 oz) and they felt good on the foot - until you stepped on anything that wasn't smooth pavement. Rocks and pebbles were the bane of any run and I avoided what I could. But you can't avoid all of them and every run would have a few pinches of pain as my foot landed on a small rock. Dirt roads were the worst.

My upcoming marathon has half the course on a 'well maintained' dirt road. But how well is 'well maintained' and did it even matter? I have been thinking about changing my model soon to take care of this pebble problem.

I run all of my shoes into the ground. Wineglass' PR was run on soles with 2000 miles on them. And my current shoes were in a sorry state. 

Notice the the toe. Ouch.

The new shoes have a better sole which accounts for the additional weight. Trade-offs for everything.

The old shoes are retired and the new shoes got their first 10.35 miles on Saturday during a recovery run in the pouring rain. 8:42 pace, felt sluggish, but I usually do on a recovery run.

This morning was the long run. I felt pretty good and ready to do a healthy workout. But it was my first 3 hour run this training cycle so I was a little apprehensive. Just 15 minutes longer than my other long runs but sometimes the final quarter hour can make all the difference.

I consider this workout my "over-time" workout. No plans to run 3 hours in the next marathon if it can be helped. The purpose of the run is to build endurance and get deep into those unused muscle fibers and make them work. I made them work today.

The workout was a 1 mile warmup, a 22 mile minor progression run, and a 1.1 mile cooldown for 3 hours.

Mile 1: 8:35 pace
Miles 2-12: 7:30 pace
Miles 13-23: 7:14 pace
Mile 24.1: 8:47 pace

7:29 pace overall w/22 miles @ 7:23 avg pace.

No rain, thanks to Mike, but certainly breezy. I imagine his racers had a headwind into the final mile of the race. I felt good throughout except for needing to focus a lot more during the final miles. Three hours is a long time to run by oneself. I sure could use some company.

And I did at the very end. I saw Eric at mile 22.5 and he joined me for the final 1.5 miles before he went off and finished out his mileage for the day.

And that's it. A good one in the books and now off to see Dad. Happy Father's Day.


Blogger Love2Run said...

What did I tell ya? It was a perfect day too. Man, you are getting ridiculous with extended wear warranties on those shoes. I thought 700-800 miles was pretty good... I'm really looking forward to getting back out with you, maybe in a couple of weeks?

6/21/2009 6:38 PM  
Blogger lindsay said...

what a great father's day gift! your old ones look like they could've been replaced a BIT sooner though. :)

i've been wearing saucony grid sinister's for a few months now. i raced in their a2's for my current half- and full- pr's so i figure the brand works well for me. hope they work well for you too.

i implemented your run-for-time most days this past week. it forced me to run a little longer most of the time, but i think it's a good mental challenge. the few extra minutes probably aren't hurting either. thanks for the motivation!

6/21/2009 9:41 PM  

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