Friday, July 17, 2009

A Killing Fog

Someday the pain will be too much and I just won’t survive.  I blame the fog.


I don’t talk about it much, but there’s one little thing that high mileage combined with a thick fog does that could send one to an early grave.  And you don’t notice it until you start to enjoy that refreshing hot shower.  And one of these days the initial shock will kill me good.


Very thick fog this morning as I went out for an easy 2 hrs 45 mins.  The run went well.  Very easy and enjoyable but not very scenic.  A little warm too.  It was 57 degrees at 3:45.  But I had a nice time and finished with 20.58 miles.  Felt good.


Blogger Love2Run said...

you are a running animal! some day you will wake up on the side of the road after falling asleep on the run! cya later...

7/17/2009 12:43 PM  

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