Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Low mileage day

Just 75 minutes on the schedule this morning.  Ran it easily @ 7:59 pace around town.  The rain held off even though the radar showed rain just to the southwest.  Kind of chilly these past few days and today was the same (53 degrees).  Wore a heavier shirt for comfort sake and would have been a little too warm if I was going to run any harder.  The city is quiet after the 4th celebration.  For a few days there were people out jogging or walking in the early morning.  These were just visitors though and now that they’re gone I have the streets to myself again.


~ 9.4 miles.


Blogger Ewen said...

How did you become so sensible? (That comment's for the other post, but Allvira scared me off).

7/09/2009 1:10 AM  

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