Monday, July 13, 2009

Pain in the neck


Well this is new.  My neck hurts and I suppose I just slept on it wrong.  Made for an uncomfortable run this morning.  The run was a real chore.  Early start, slow pace, dense fog, and the sand fleas had made their way up onto the causeway clogging the airways.  10.3 miles of slog.  A true case of running when there doesn’t seem to be any reward for it.  Glad that is done.  Hills tomorrow.


10.3 miles @ 10:13 pace.  Yes, you read that right.


Blogger lindsay said...

surely there's a typo.

i hate those runs where you are just inching along, but at least you got it done. hopefully your body will be more cooperative tomorrow.

7/13/2009 10:27 AM  
Blogger RGSMOM said...

Pull on your head to one side and stick it under a hot shower , each side . or try and crack your neck on your own . this is a little tougher but works wonders. Lay on bed , head hanging off side, put your head in her hands and twist slowly back and forth and then surprise yourself(not as difficult as it sounds) and crack it to one side hard. Seriously it works

7/13/2009 9:56 PM  
Blogger Ewen said...

Holy slowly Batman! Over 6:30 ks - that pace is a slog for me!

Take it easy on Mike in the long run. I expect heaps of backwards-running drills during the walking breaks.

7/14/2009 6:06 AM  
Blogger Ewen said...

Sorry, just over 6:20 ks - still bloody slow!

7/14/2009 6:07 AM  

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