Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something new

Beginneth the hill phase.  My particular weak point.  Did a 4.4 mile warmup, some strides, then met Eric for some hills.  We did a short hill / loop over and over.  At first we did bounding which didn’t feel that hard but I had trouble keeping proper form.  Then after some sorbet striders to cleanse the legs, we did some traditional climbs which certainly felt hard.  Some more striders followed and we were spent.  Another 5 miles to cooldown and I’m guessing the mileage was around 12.85 based on time.  Two hours total.


Wouldn’t want to do that everyday.


Blogger Sonriserunning said...

Neither would I.

6/23/2009 10:26 AM  
Blogger Grellan said...

The secret is certainly in the hills. Sorbet striders?

6/23/2009 12:26 PM  
Blogger lindsay said...

i'm with grellan, sorbet striders?

i am still working on my relationship with hills. i know i need to learn to love them.

6/23/2009 3:08 PM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

Those miles will wear your down and I'm still waiting to hear the crash. Be careful out there...

6/23/2009 7:20 PM  

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