Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cutback blues

No hills meant no Eric today.  I got tossed out with the garbage when he met me with: “Sorry Andy. I knew you were going easy today so I put in a really hard 12 yesterday!”  That boy’s into the hard stuff and my turtle pace reports scared him off.  I’ll have to come up with an extra hard workout tailored made for him next week.  That’ll make him smile.


But he missed some nice drills today.  No video, I’m sorry.  But I do admit it’d give us all a good laugh.


Let’s see… after two days of crawling around town, today I spent the time doing bounding, high knees, striders, quick short bursts and one 800 meter pace test that I failed.  While I feel better about loosening up, and while I feel like my legs are recovering, and while I know this was the right workout to do today, I still came home with an odd feeling of disappointment.  I feel well enough to do a longer run tomorrow at a relaxed pace.  That should pick up my spirits a little.


~4 miles? / 45 minutes


Blogger lindsay said...

hope the legs are satisfied from the extra rest and much abbreviated training.

i think i know what you mean about not feeling satisfied after a shorter run, though i'm not quite addicted to the same level of mileage as you.

6/30/2009 1:37 PM  

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