Sunday, January 20, 2008

The burro and the burrito

There are two things Marc hadn't mentioned to me before. One, he lives next to a burro. Second, he makes great breakfast burritos. Coincidence?


But man, what a great breakfast after a 20 mile long run! Scrambled eggs, veggie meat, salsa, cheeze - all wrapped up in a heated tortilla. Mountain livin'. Mmm mmmm.

About that burro. A rather disappointing donkey really. I'm told of mysterious midnight brays, missing dogs, dead chickens, and other animal misbehavior. But nothing happened the two nights I was here. Maybe next time.

Any semblance to burro behavior was my plodding pace as I was very careful on the snow covered roads that climbed to the turnaround at mile 5.1. The air was cold but the wind was calm which Marc and I were very thankful for. Two out and backs completed this morning's long run with incredible views of snowcapped mountains against a crisp blue sky.

We also held a quick official meeting of the Blind Moose. Unfortunately, Mike isn't here so he will have to abide by our decision to revisit Wineglass in the fall of '09.

20.4 miles @ 9:15 pace. 126 HR.

Week total: 98 miles.


Blogger Grellan said...

The burritos sound even better than the chocolate balls.

That mileage just keeps on going up.

1/21/2008 8:54 AM  

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