Monday, December 25, 2006

Since I didn't want to be underfoot...

I ran 15 miles - I had to try out my new Garmin. Very nice. I've always wanted one. Now I can have just as much fun as Mike.

Yesterday I ran a nice easy 21 miles with my good friend, Mike. We both felt pretty good. The last miles were silent as is becoming normal on all our long runs. Today was beautiful and I ran it all alone. No one was about and I got the rare opportunity to run 15 miles at noon on a weekday.


Yesterday - 21 miles w/Mike. 2:50:22 (8:07 pace). HR 136.

Today - 15.34 miles. 1:54:37 (7:28 pace). HR 143.

(Notice that my time today is down again, similar to Friday. Something has happened...)


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