Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let's talk about mile 10 - 10.25.

It was great. A wonderful sunrise view of the Passamaquoddy Bay looking northward where the St. Croix River delivers it's last bit of fresh water into the salty basin for recycling. Wisps of cool clouds were scurrying about the sky, trying to organize. My stride was smooth, heart rate low, and my mood lifted by a sudden dose of endorphins.

Then it was over.

15 miles in 2:08:36, several bathroom stops, no ibuprofen, sore calves, quads but ok. Sleepy, creaky, and stiff legged.

Except for that nice quarter mile.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Sounds wonderful. I think I was still sleeping. The peak of the hill is still approaching.

12/13/2006 6:59 PM  

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