Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Like children yelling "faster, faster!"

I knew something was up. Odd as it was, by mile one the legs were sending me odd signals to the effect that they were "fresh". Fresh? It appeared yesterday's easy 10 was making me feel rather vigorous this morning. Nevertheless, caution prevailed as I sampled the mile splits and found that while I may have felt faster, I was still just cruising at a little over an 8 minute pace. Maybe it was just the relative difference between what I had been running these 15 milers at and what I was doing today at a pretty low heart rate. Either way, I was enjoying running quicker and more relaxed than normal.

A 3 loop day, I cleared the first 5.2 in 8:07 pace but needed a time-out at the house for a couple of minutes. But as the pace had increased at the end of the 1st loop I regained the tempo and made my way out onto the 2nd loop. The legs were still requesting more speed, so I obliged and had fun bringing up the speed to a 7:01 pace for the 2nd loop. I couldn't believe how good I was feeling. The heart rate was staying low and the legs kept humming along unfazed by the speed.

Each mile this morning in the cool fog (temperature 48F) seemed to glide by as the legs urged me on. (Faster, faster!) I whisked by the house onto lap #3 and brought the pace per mile down to 6:34 for the final 5 miles. The lungs were in the control, the legs responding, and only a slight calf tightening in the final mile. Even the hills felt less steep and shorter.

I finished in 1:50:00 for an average 7:17 for 15.1 miles. I was very pleased. This workout showed up out of nowhere. Crazy legs.


Blogger Thomas said...

What a great run! I just hope you won't pay for this the following day or Friday.

8/31/2006 4:34 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Good, good, good. So glad to hear about this run. You're on track for sure.

8/31/2006 2:37 PM  

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