Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen: We are leaving the comfort zone

Put the aerobic system through some stress this morning. I felt good through 17.5 miles, but that last 4.5 was hard. Took a lot of focus on the task at hand along with a tolerance of discomfort. You know you're doing it right when what was "fine - feeling good" two seconds ago descends into the pits of drudgery and you force yourself to do the work. And work it is. The good news it takes 17 miles to bring me to this point. The point where the fuel is depleted, legs are tired, and even the lungs could use a breather. But that's the point of Lydiard's program - training and adapting the body to long bouts of aerobic exercise with the purpose of increasing the aerobic threshold. Longer running at faster paces.

Yes, the Sunday long. I still claim it's easier than Friday's 18 (the Friday 18 miler has the "why oh why??" aspect but the long run carries a sense of legitimacy). I ran with Aretakis around Boyden's Lake and along the ocean. It was good to run with him again. He beat me by 30 seconds at the International 5 miler (results here) a couple of weekends ago. A 2:39 marathoner a few years back, he's a good training partner. (He's running New York in November). While the whole Team Boyden wasn't together, it was still good to be running on those empty country roads. One of the dangers of course is dogs. They tend to roam freely up country.

We talked the whole 17.5 (where Jon left me to finish at 18) and we ran an easy gait of just under 8 / mile. It makes the miles go by much quicker with company! I think next week Mike might be available for the long run.

Poor Marc flew into Bangor this morning and wanted to run long in Calais. But my schedule just wouldn't let me. Just as well. I talked to him after his flight and he's tired from the flight and early departure. Bangor and Calais aren't exactly next door - there's 100 miles of forest between them. So it would have been quite a drive just to run with a friend. But that's the kind of guy he is - always willing to go the extra mile. I suspect he is now napping somewhere at the Bangor Folk Festival.

The after-effects of the long run are starting to tone down a little. This is good since I'm usually useless for the rest of the day. 

These singles are doing the trick. I feel like some endurance is creeping back into the legs. 22.1 miles 2:58:27 (8:04 pace). Weather cool.


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