Friday, August 25, 2006

A 3 Loop Example

Well the 18 miler has come and gone and all is still well. When the alarm when off at 4am didn't I groan. "Not the 18 miler!" But yes, it is Friday and the 18 miler has to be done. Some coffee, cereal, and procrastination finally saw me out the door.

For psychological purposes I went for the 3 loop workout divided like this:

Loop 1: 3.05 miles
Loop 2: 10.2 miles
Loop 3: 4.95 miles

Total 18.2 miles in 2:34:07 (8:28 pace) HR 136.

The whole run was relaxed but those first miles are just a shuffle. For the first loop my pace averaged 9:04. An 8:26 pace saw me through loop #2 followed by an 8:01 pace for the final 4.95 miles. The numbers don't work exactly because embedded in the total time is about 45 seconds when I was stopped drinking water at the house.

Only 10 miles tomorrow. Yeehah.


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