Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morning 12.2

I finally did it and got up to run in the morning. I wanted to put some space between today's workout and tomorrow's - which has to be run in the morning since it is 18 miles. I can't believe the dreaded 18 mile workout has arrived again. But no need to think about tomorrow, it will be here soon enough.

I had an early meeting this morning I had to attend, forcing me to get out of bed at 3:45am. I drank some coffee, ate a bowl of cereal and headed out around 4:30 to do the scheduled 12 miles. Jogging gently the for the first 3 miles, I stopped by the house for a break in 26:26. The coffee wasn't settling very well. It wakes up more than one system it seems.

However, the remaining 9 miles was a nice progression running 3.05 splits in 22:38, 21:22, and 20:05. Total time 1:30:55, 12.2 miles HR 145.

It's amazing how well I feel after the warmup of a few miles. The plan calls for this run to be "high aerobic" and I always decide about the pace depending how I feel. Letting the body naturally increase the pace (knowing the distance isn't that long) allows me to run faster without overdoing it. Tomorrow I'll be taking it easy for the bulk of the run. Occasionally I'll let the pace increase on the longer runs in the final miles. This serves 3 purposes: 1) It gets the run over with, 2) it is good training for the legs, and 3) it inserts what I call a "natural" element into th workout - where the body glides to the pace of least resistance. Sometimes, holding back the pace for the entire 18 miles can turn the run into a lengthy slog. But I always go into the these runs slowly and gently.

I learned from Tuesday's mistake of going out too quickly and today the paces seemed easier and more in control. A good reminder for proper racing technique on marathon day. Exaggerated ease for that first mile than let the pace come to you. Then power home if there's gas in tank in those final miles.

I should write this down.


Blogger Marc said...

Maybe you should write it on your arm in big block letters.

8/25/2006 7:50 AM  

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