Thursday, August 17, 2006

Easy 12

Met up with Eric this morning and ran an easy 12.4 in 1:45:12. HR 137. Beautiful sunrise. Didn't get a good sleep last night and was tempted to sleep in. But I figured I'd be tired in the evening as well as the morning so I got up. I'm glad I did.

To shake off the cobwebs I made some coffee and had a bowl of cereal before I went out. Knowing I was going to run easily this morning and a shorter distance than yesterday, I figured the risk of a little discomfort from the cereal / milk was worth the sugar shot. Together with the coffee and I was good to go.

The plan was 4 loops of a 3 mile course grabbing water at each pass. However I met up with Eric at 2.5 miles and turned around with him. We ran the rest of his course which deposited me back at my house at 12.4 miles. So no water today. With all the talking I didn't notice it much but now I've been thirsty all morning.


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