Monday, July 06, 2009


I got some good info on my condition from yesterday’s race.  The biggest positive was that after the fast 3 miles I didn’t crash and burn worse then a 30 second pace drop.  Endurance won the day after taking the risk of leading out.  The 2nd place finisher is known for an amazing finishing kick.  I didn’t want to be anywhere near him at the finish.  He put that kick on display as he was in 3rd in the final mile and then torched it for a solid 2nd place finish.  I was 55 seconds to the front and well out of danger thank goodness.


Now back to the regularly scheduled program.  Easy paces for a few days to recover but the mileage will climb again in short order.  It’s where I’m the happiest.  The cutback week prior to the race was very difficult.  All those aches and pains which wouldn’t mean very much if it wasn’t for the upcoming race.  Today was 90 minutes.  The run felt like a gentle massage.  The average pace as 9:41 (~ 9.3 miles).  38.43 miles for last week which was about 20 miles less than I anticipated.  This was due to more recovery than planned and a day off due to the thunderstorm.




Blogger lindsay said...

i must be doing my easy runs wrong because they never seem like much of a massage to me! i try to tell myself that but the legs don't seem to get it, even if i watch my hr and keep it low. oh well.

7/07/2009 6:53 PM  

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