Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back to training

Ran two hours this morning and it felt very good to be back on the schedule.  My taper for the race was so severe I bottomed out the 7-day moving average at 34 miles on Saturday.  Today the average is at 53 and climbing.  I should see 90 or so by the end of the week.  Keeping the pace easy until the lingering soreness dissipates and probably just a little bit longer beyond that to be sure.  However, I’ll run according to how I feel as this plan seems to be working well for me – particularly on the recovery side.  The only number I have on my plan is the time requirement.  The pace, type of workout, and length are all determined after I get going or maybe just before.  The risk is that I run fewer harder workouts but the reward is better quality when I’m feeling good.  And even on the easy days, the length of the run will generally provide an aerobic stimulus which is always beneficial.


When I embarked on the second hour this morning I could feel the body thank me.  There’s just something missing with those shorter workouts I was doing during the recovery week.  It set me up for the race but I am very glad that’s over with for a month.  I went looking for Eric this morning but he was nowhere to be found.  So I ended up doing two out and backs on the highway averaging around 8:15 / mile.


14.55 miles.


Blogger Grellan said...

Just cathcing up Andrew. Your posts are certainly more numerous. Well done on a well executed race on Sunday - awe inspiring stuff. It must feel fantastic to be able to relax over the last 3/4 miles of a race and be in 1st position!!! - and on home turf.

7/07/2009 1:01 PM  

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