Thursday, July 02, 2009

Musing about recovery

Just two more days of easy running before the 7 mile race.  Then I get to climb back up to some proper mileage.  With the extra three days of embedded recovery I’ll hit a weekly low around 40 miles I think.  My last low was 55 miles.  I’m feeling fresh now and I’m hoping that by Sunday all systems will be go.


After that I embark on 35 days of training before the next scheduled cutback.  No doubt I’ll throw a couple of recovery days in there after a hard workout.  Plus I might extend the race taper to a full 7 days instead of the 4 days I had written into schedule - like I did with this race.  With some of this quality work I need a bit more than I had envisioned.  And this has got me thinking about the marathon taper.  I’ll need to think this one through so I’m fully rested and fresh when I get to the starting line.  So far the written schedule is conducive for a good taper.  I’ve written in no workouts for the three weeks prior to the race.  Instead, I intend on really focusing on what I need at that point (rest, sharpening, other?).


5 miles this morning with Eric.  Easy @ 9:26 pace.  Legs were tight from two awful Charlie horses that woke me up last night but by the time the run was over I felt fine.


Blogger lindsay said...

i get those charley horses 1-2x per month. can never seem to figure out why. :-/

good luck this weekend!

7/03/2009 6:48 PM  

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