Friday, August 22, 2008

The Worriers - Tails of Woe (chapter 4)

Rest day today.

The Worriers – Tails of Woe


Chapter 4


Pilgrimsosad walked up onto the gray porch.  Badapplesad was waiting.


"Send the File out ok?" Badapplesad asked.  "Yep." Pilgrimsosad replied cheerily.  "Sent it express."  "Good.  I sent the Key.  She'll get both and know what to do."


Whitetipwoe's elaborate plan for rescuing Madeleine involved a full on assault of the prison camp by the Cat Commando Clan – an elite feline attack squad famous for their exploits.


Pilgrimsosad sat back satisfied.  "I feel so good." he said.  "I just know things will be alright now.  With Whitetipwoe's Commandos, your Key, and the secret File I sent, this will go off without a hitch!"


"Wow, Pilgrimsosad." said Badapplesad.  "I've never seen you so worry-free."


"Well, once I sent that express off to Columbia Falls, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders."


"Where did you send the File??"


"Columbia Falls."


"No, you idiot!  Not Columbia Falls!  LIVERMORE FALLS!  Do you know what this means??"


"Oh, I suppose it will be retur…." He paused, suddenly struck by an awful realization.  "Tell me I didn't send it to…"


"You did."




"Yes.  By this time the secret File is in the hands of..."






"Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!" howled Pilgimsosad.  "How could I mess up the town names like that??  And Frankie will get it.  And Frankie will…"


"Rat us out!" finished Badapplesad.  "Because that is just what he is – A RAT!"


Pilgrimsosad started pacing.  "He'll get it and read it and then he will let his Momma, the feared Prison Guard, know of our plans!!  What will Whitetipwoe say???"  Pilgrimsosad started howling.


Badapplesad felt sick.  Both Cushionettes didn't know what to do they were so consumed with worry.


"THE WEASLE!" howled Pilgrimsosad.


"THE RAT!" cried Badapplesad.


"He's a ferret."  The voice came from above.  Pilgrimsosad and Badapplesad whipped their heads up to see who had been listening.  But nobody was visible in the open upstairs window.


Princess Woowoe was on her way to her mother…




August 13, 2008

The Cage

Columbia Falls


Yo mamma!


Word up.  Smack that.


You won't believe what came in the mail today.  It is the smoking gun.  Absolute proof that the Woe's on Moose are planning an attempt to break Prisoner Madeleine!  You know the one they call "The Charmer".  I know you've been assigned as her prison guard so I thought I'd let you know what's afoot.


Are you picking up what I'm laying down?


And what was in the envelope?  A FILE!  Such an old fashioned way of escape!  But what would you expect from those Worriers?  I have enclosed it for you to see.


Looks like there is a coded message too.  I suspect the prisoner has the key.  You might want to frisk her as soon as you receive this letter.


Peace out.


Frankie the Rat









Kirhlmvi Nzwvovrmv!


Nvnyvih lu gsv Xzg Xlnnzmwl Xozm


Droo hzev blf!






Xlnnzmwl xzgh zodzbh ozmw lm gsvri uvvg!






A = Z                          N = M


B = Y                          O = L


C = X                          P = K


D = W                         Q = J


E = V                          R = I


F = U                          S = H


G = T                          T = G


H = S                          U = F


I = R                            V = E


J = Q                           W = D


K = P                          X = C


L = O                          Y = B


M = N                         Z = A





Blogger Jamie said...

I rather enjoyed solving the puzzle! You should consider writing children's books... good stuff!

8/22/2008 7:37 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

So cool and funny! Will poor Maddy ever break free from prison? Will she be ratted out? Stay tuned!

8/23/2008 5:36 AM  
Blogger rebecca said...

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9/14/2008 12:28 AM  

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