Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Worriers - Tails of Woe chapter 3

Slow 10 miles this morning @ 9:28 pace.  Note to self: Do not eat raisin bread during a run.

The Worriers – Tails of Woe


Chapter 3


The jungle was thick as Badapplesad led Cushion Clan members Pilgrimsosad and Herbertofear through the high stalks of knotweed.  Pilgrimsosad and Herbertofear were worried beyond control.  They knew meeting the royal rogue was prohibited but Badapplesad had convinced them that this was the only way to rescue poor Madeleine from her prison camp.


Whitetipwoe had aspirations of overthrowing Xanawoe's throne and replacing her with himself.  Long ago he was exiled after a horrific spraying episode that shocked the Cushionette's sense of decorum.  Since then he was rumored to go days without bathing, eat garbage, and allow burdocks to accumulate in his fur.  They could smell him long before they stumbled into his presence.  In the thick fog he appeared before them, sitting atop a rusted slide from a disused human swing set.  He looked mean and his fur was matted and brown from dirt.  On his head he wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store.


Badapplesad stepped forward. "Your grace, we have come under submission to your future rule.  Only you can help us restore our beautiful Jewel, the Gem of our home, the Sparkle of our eyes, the…"


The mangy prince interrupted. "Excuse me but I don't speak Spanish. Foo foo."


Badapplesad, a little disconcerted, still pressed on.  "You see, my lord, Madeleine has been taken off to prison camp which is called the News of Good Camp.  We must rescue her because she is helpless.  She is just a wee thing and if it wasn't for her imprisonment we would never have deemed to bother…"


"You're so vain.  You probably think this meeting is about her" the rogue snorted.


The Cushionette's looked at one another in confusion.  Pilgrimsosad finally got the courage to speak. "You don't understand, your grace.  We came to your lair to ask you to help us to conduct a rescue operation.  We thought that the operation's success could help you ascend the thrown that you have wanted so very long and…"


The rogue prince roared.  "I don't need no education!  I don't need no thought control!  No dark sarcasm in the knotweed!  Creatures!  Leave my digs alone!"


And with a dismissive flick of his tail he turned his back on the supplicants.


Badapplesad got down on his knees and pleaded.  "Oh Whitetipwoe!  Please forgive our impertinence.  Please speak to us!"


With a conceited air, Whitetipwoe turned his visage upon the Cushionettes.  Softly he said, "Like watching the butterfly go towards the sun, I wonder what I'll become.  Ah," he continued, shaking his scruffy head, "Sweet dreams are made of this.  Who am I to disagree?"  He paused and stared at them fiercely.  "I will help you.  Wait for the thriller night.  I'll be at the Hotel California."


And with these last words the rogue royal leapt up over a wooden fence and was already gone.


End of Chapter 3




Blogger Thomas said...

What happened when you tried to eat raisin bread during a run????

Have you found a publisher yet for your tales?

8/21/2008 8:59 AM  
Blogger rebecca said...

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