Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rest Day

Took my own advice and decided the left leg needed 48 hours of recovery instead of the normal 24 today. I expect the soreness from the mileage increase but there's always one or two weaker spots that complain a little louder than the rest. Mark read my mind in his latest comment. And Marc would be happy to know I'm thinking about getting another massage.

I had just sent a wordy essay on the subject of rest to my friend Ruslan in Kaz. The nice thing about putting thoughts on screen is you re-absorb them through your eyes and back into your brain. An even better method is to read what you type out loud (thus employing the ears too) but that would be rather strange...

I spent the day dwelling on my 'plan' for October. Again, it's ambitious - not much different from my last train wreck of an idea. A key difference is: no pace targets. Let the paces come a little more gradually this time.

Today: zero


Blogger Love2Run said...

So where do you find time for all this coaching on the side? You are developing quite a stable of horses. Any Kenyans we don't know about?

3/29/2007 7:04 PM  

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