Monday, January 08, 2007

Off the rails

The curve sharpened and the train jumped the rails and plowed earth, debris filling the air. Emergency crews cranked and swung the engine back on the track but after a few miles the trip ended. No steam and a rod is shot. Time for repair.

The high mileage made me susceptible to the greatest and latest. Symptoms: sore throat, coughing, cramping, low energy.

It first showed it's head on Wednesday during the busted 7k/5k/3k ladder. I didn't have the speed. No snap. So following the rulebook: delete speed component for one week, repeat week. But Friday it got worse. Low energy from no sleep and a sore throat/cough blew an 18 mile attempt at a mere 3 miles. Second prescription following rulebook: take day off, resume Sunday, no speed for 1 week, repeat week. The medicine just wasn't strong enough.

Even after taking Saturday off, I had no energy on Sunday. 4.5 miles is all she'd give me for my 21 miler. And to top it off, the pain in the right leg has gone from just annoying to a real stiffness. No stride, no easy gait. Pain is minimal but present. Not only was the energy not present, the legs had absolutely no flexibility. It was like running with lumber for legs.

We are now at sequence three: two days off, regeneration week (50% cut in mileage), following week is full mileage but no speed, repeat original week.

I think the leg issue is a combination of needing rest and the bug. To give an idea of how I feel, it feels similar to how I feel after a marathon. Maybe not so sore, but a noticeable "limp" from some soreness, depleted energy, and a need to sleep. It's like I 'peaked' on my last good training week and I'm in a downward dip until I start to climb back up for even greater heights.

So rest is where it's at. I just like to do the minimum however. It is easy to just say "take some time". But how little can I get away with? That's the question. I could very well just take a month, or two. But that seems like overkill doesn't it? There is a place that is the minimum and I think my sequential and progressive rules of rest and recovery will find it. Hindsight says I should have invoked the regeneration week right from the first sign. But that's impossible. There are so many "first signs" out there that come to nothing. Anyway, here I am.

The sore throat and cough are gone. Smooth Kentucky medicine took care of that. Works for colds, coughs, burns, scrapes, and babies cutting teeth. Even lights the woodstove.


Blogger Marc said...

Maybe you should try massaging the Smooth Kentucky Medicine into your leg. If that doesn't do the trick, just revert to taking internally until pain disappears.

Take it easy my friend. The regenration should serve you well.

1/08/2007 1:31 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Better late than never on the recovery. By the sound of the leg issues, a week at half mileage might just be the ticket back. Maybe getting some extra sleep with the extra time will help kill the bug too. Sheesh, you, Mark and Eric all seemed to get sick this week.

1/08/2007 4:21 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I feel for you buddy. This bug sucks to high heaven. Just now starting to see the daylight. At rock bottom you think there is no hope, but life and your running will soon be back!

1/08/2007 4:42 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Major bummer. I can only imagine the frustration. On a completely selfish note, reading your posting makes me almost thankful for having a slack past 1.5 - 2 weeks. While it was life stuff getting in the way of training, it happened right at a point where I was feeling completely out of gas.

Hope everything comes back into alignment soon. I guess the brightside is that this happened now and not closer to a marathon.

1/08/2007 8:36 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

I think your recovery rules are usually working very well, so why change them? As you've said, most of the "first warning signs" come to nothing.

I hope this bug doesn't travel with the web.

1/09/2007 4:25 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

Take it easy this week. 50% mileage (or more)should help to recharge the mind and body.

1/09/2007 6:21 AM  
Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Being sick sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

1/09/2007 10:37 PM  

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