Saturday, December 30, 2006

A good week to end the year

Another 'aerobic power' workout was on tap this morning. 10k of the hard stuff brought my Parrott predictor down another 9 minutes to 2:44:05.

Scheduled workout: 10 miles w/embedded 2 part workout:

Part 1 - 3 x 2k @ 5:55 per mile pace w/3 minute recovery
Part 2 - 10 x 400m @ 5:40 per mile pace w/1 minute recovery

Purpose: Aerobic Power

Results: 10.3 miles w/10k high octane. Part one:

3 x 2k @ 5:34 pace (avg) w/3 minute recovery between. Splits:

2k 6:57 (5:36 pace)
2k 6:53 (5:32 pace)
2k 7:04 (5:41 pace)

*** rest for 5:39 ***

10 x 400m @ 5:20 pace (avg) w/1 minute recovery between. Splits:

1. 1:19
2. 1:22
3. 1:18
4. 1:18
5. 1:20
6. 1:20
7. 1:22
8. 1:21
9. 1:20
10. 1:16

A warmup and cooldown added makes the total 10.3 miles. The hardest part was the very first 2k. I ran it too hard and I felt it. But once I rested, it was easy to run a similar effort for the 2nd one. By the third, I was a little tired and very glad that the required pace wasn't anywhere near so fast so I 'relaxed' a bit more in the beginning of the repeat and ran it slower overall.

The 400's were ok. I felt much better once I hit #6 - I could see the end. Tough workout overall, but afterward I felt good and pleased that the quicker paces are coming a little easier as time goes by.

Next week, I am only scheduled for 2 up-tempo days - 1 aerobic resistance and 1 aerobic power. The reason is the next 'resistance' run is longer than 10 miles, thus I need a 15 mile day (Wednesday) to complete it. (I don't juggle daily mileage. This way I can maintain balance and maintain the weekly mileage). This gives me an opportunity to have a reduced intensity week while gradually introducing longer MP running into the program. My last week like this was the week of 11/27.

I was pleased and surprised by the 9 minute drop in the Parrott predictor this week. A 2 day 'power' / 1 day 'resistance' week, I thought I'd be short too many fast miles to do this. But then I realized that as my program progresses, the tougher workouts are getting longer. For example, instead of 2 x 3 mile 'aerobic power' workouts, it was 2 x 10k. So I got in 20.1 miles at or below MP this week. Short only 6 miles, the predictor took the best 6 remaining (Christmas 15 miler @ 7:28 pace) and calculated. Next week I should have only 14 miles near MP so expect a bump.

Tomorrow Mike and I finish the year with 21 miles. What better way? He'll be floating having conquered 3000 miles for 2006. Next week, Marc is to join us. He's just back from injury so I'm not sure if he'll be doing the whole 21 or not. Either way, it will be great all of us getting back together.

Training this week: 102.3 miles. Feeling good.


Blogger Mike said...

Those 400's look very good after the 2K repeats. Another good-looking week Andrew. The thought you've put into your plan is paying off.

Side note: The Jason Carp study you mentioned that has the American Olympic marathon trials runners averaging 25% of their miles at marathon pace had another interesting stat that was mentioned in the latest Marathon and Beyond: The average "longest" long runs by the men were 25 miles, and the men ran longer than 20 miles an average of 18 times during the year leading up to the trials (pg.86, Jan/Feb '07).

You can tell Mike this when he wants to skip a 20 miler with you.

12/30/2006 9:50 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks Mike! I will be sure to mention this to him tomorrow morning. He'll be so happy.

12/30/2006 9:57 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

I am impressed by your efforts and the work you have put into your running efforts. This past week training is really nice and noteworthy. What's your MP once again?

Thanks for sharing your HR, I am up 5 years on you and push approximately the same HR. What method are you using to determine max HR?

You are doing great with this high mileage stuff!

12/31/2006 5:39 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks Mark, I did a max test last year about this time and got 182. My method was to run 2.25 miles as hard as I could at the airport. But then I got a 186 in a race or workout this year so I now use that instead.

My goal MP is 6:20 based on my Sept. 5k.

12/31/2006 5:52 PM  

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