Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday MP training

The 2nd 3rd of my life began with an aerobic resistance run. Excuse me for saying, but these 'resistance' runs are hard.

Scheduled workout: 12 miles w/embedded 50 minute progression from 6:40 - 6:02.

Results: 12.19 miles w/embedded 50 minute progression from 6:54 - 5:59.

I decided to split the progression into 10 minute progression segments of 6:40 / 6:30 / 6:20 / 6:10 / 6:02. Here is how the progression actually happened:

Warmup 24:16 (2.46 miles) 9:52 pace. 137 HR

#1 10:00 (1.45 miles) 6:54 pace. 151 HR
#2 10:00 (1.56 miles) 6:23 pace. 155 HR
#3 10:00 (1.61 miles) 6:12 pace. 161 HR
#4 10:00 (1.61 miles) 6:12 pace. 166 HR
#5 10:00 (1.67 miles) 5:59 pace. 170 HR

Cooldown 15:37 (1.83 miles) 8:33 pace. 137 HR

The 50 minute progression came to 7.9 miles with an average pace of 6:20. Average HR 161.

The first 10 minutes, I had trouble getting up to pace. A lot of this section was uphill and I miscalculated how much this would slow me down. The second 10 minutes went better. The watch lets you know when you're going too slowly - so the goal is to keep the watch quiet.

As you can see, instead of running a 6:30 pace for #2, I ran a 6:23. While this was a little too quick for this segment, it made the transistion to the next level that much easier. When the watch beeped and then squawked about my pace, I just had to increase the tempo slightly to silence the slowpoke alarm. Over the next 10 minutes my pace must have drifted upward as it didn't take much to enter lap #4.

Segment #4's pace averaged out too slow as I struggled to keep the pace up. But luckily, I found some extra fuel for the final 10 minutes and easily kept the alarm at bay by going sub 6.

The hardest part of the run was actually the 2nd segment. Doubts crept into my head about whether I could really increase the speed every 10 minutes for another 40 minutes. But once I got the pace up, it was easier to hold then I had anticipated. And believe or not, while I was working hard on the last segment at 5:59, I was surprised when my 10 minutes was up. I guess I was concentrating so hard on keeping my pace I forgot how long I was doing it.

When that final 10 minutes was over, I breathed a sigh of relief. What a bear of a workout. But it is done and in the log. The HR's look good, the average pace looks good, and the fact that while it may have been 'uncomfortable', it was within my ability and it just took a little willpower to accept that fact.

I feel like there's a small milestone here. The average pace happened to be my goal MP. The average HR happens to be within 3 bpm of my Wineglass HR. So what we have here is the beginning of something good. I'm getting my speed and HR to converge on MP where they need to be. Over the next few months, we'll be working on extending this effort level (HR 160's) to the marathon distance.


Blogger Jamie said...

Happy birthday! I bet today's run was a nice present. Wow, you were really flying. It sounds like the running planets are all starting to come into alignment for you.

Thanks also for the comments and guidance on my blog. It's definitely appreciated!

12/28/2006 2:14 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Happy birthday, young Andrew!

That was some very impressive running out there on the road. You are progressing at quite some rate.

12/29/2006 12:11 PM  

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