Monday, December 04, 2006


The weeks are passing faster now and I find myself once again back at Monday. And that means 15 miles.

Scheduled workout: 15 miles easy. Target pace: none. Purpose: Recovery/volume.

Results: 15.6 miles in 2:11:22 (8:25 pace) w/137 HR. 3 x 5.2 mile loop. Pace splits:

Loop 1. 8:50 pace
Loop 2. 8:24 pace
Loop 3. 8:02 pace

Ran a little quicker than usual and my HR was a little higher than of late at the same pace. Most likely a reflection of the hard work put in yesterday. I've been feeling stronger so I'm trying to bring my off day pace down a little bit to better optimize my aerobic conditioning.

This week's quality on tap:

Tuesday - 10 miles @ 7:02 target pace [90% MP]. Purpose: Aerobic Resistance

Thursday - 12 miles w/embedded 20 minutes @ 6:05 pace [104% MP]. Purpose: Aerobic Power

Saturday - 10 miles progression from 7:27 to 6:20. [85% - 100% MP] Purpose: Aerobic Resistance

Doesn't seem like a lot when I write it out but it feels hard enough doing it. Tomorrow will be a challenge since it'll be the first day this season with bad footing from the ice we received today.

In fact, the ice arrived with a flourish at mile 2 of my 15 mile run this morning. I turned the corner at the mile marker and felt some rain start to come down. "Oh, there's some rain," said I. Then it poured. "Oh, there's a lot of rain!" as I reached back for my hood to give me some protection. While fiddling with the hood, the rain turned to ice and started pinging me. I was all over road trying to dodge the incoming pellets (like it did any good) when out of the west, a strong gust of wind blew everything sideways, me included.

My run had gone from a simple damp, dark run in the chilly air to fighting the elements - and I still had 13 miles to go! But then it was over. Like it never happened, the ice stopped, the wind ceased and all that was left was the crunch of ice under my feet. Eventually the rain picked up again but in a light drizzly sort of way that wasn't that noticeable.


And finally... an addendum to yesterday's story about Marc's freezing frolic. He ordered me to not quite retract my story, but at the very minimum let it be known that in no way did the 5 mile walk in the bitterest of winds detract from his enjoyment of joining good friends for a couple of workouts. Popsicle or no, he'll be back to run Boyden yet again and he hopes for colder weather.


Is anybody else tired?


Blogger Marc said...

Clear blue skies here in Farmington and a beautiful evening under a full moon (or waning moon, I'm not sure which).

Nice job on the 15.

Had a wonderful German Sports Massage tonight. Since I cannot run I might as well find other ways to spend my time.

12/04/2006 9:05 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Yes. I am tired as well. =) Cheers.

12/05/2006 1:19 PM  

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