Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hard, vaguely

Scheduled workout: 15 miles long resistance w/short variations. Target pace: 7:55 for 1 hour then 10 x 2 minute @ 6:20 pace. [Base speed 80% MP, variation speed 100% MP]. Purpose: Aerobic resistance.

Results: 15 miles in 1:50:17 (7:21 average pace, 143 average HR (67%)). 1 hour even pacing then 10 x 2 minutes at MP. Finished final 1.75 miles at 80% MP. (133 HR for 1 hour even pacing & 150 HR for pickups).

This workout started off really easy. Basically a 15 miler with embedded 10 x 2 minute pickups. So I ran 5 x the 3 mile comfort loop. The base pace for this workout called for 7:55 per mile and after the initial shock (I usually start off really slowly) this pace was easy and the hour just idled away.

When it came time for the 2 minute pickups I had to do this all by feel. It's too dark to look at the HR monitor and the splits are too short for any estimate at distance (thereby figuring out pace). I don't think I did very well since I felt a little bothered in the legs on each pickup. I think I was running slightly faster than MP but I don't know for sure. My fear was that I wouldn't be running fast enough so I thought no harm letting the legs work a little.

Two minutes isn't that long a time so the discomfort was over really quickly and I think I did a good job letting the pace drop only back to 7:55. This is what made the whole workout hard in a vague way. I was getting tired and feeling slightly stressed but there was doubt lingering whether I had worked hard enough to really deserve labeling the run 'hard'. After all, it was only 20 minutes of hard running out of 110 minutes of running.

But the coaches must know what they're doing. I certainly didn't want to do any more pickups and I was glad I only had 1.75 miles left to finish out the 15 when the pickups were over. A good workout that sort of creeps up on you.

Loop pace splits: 7:52 / 7:42 / 7:15 / 6:44 / 7:13.


Blogger Jamie said...

I couldn't help but notice you posted this entry shortly after 7am. I'm curious, what time did you start? I ask because I'm going to try to get in some morning runs more often, and I guess I'm looking for motivation.

Nice job. I continue to admire the methodical approach and careful analysis of your workouts. I've picked up good tips here and there since discovering your blog, so thanks!

11/29/2006 7:08 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks. I need to be back at the house at 7am so I work backward from there. M, W I start at 4:45. Tu, Th at 5:30, F at 4:15!!. My rule of thumb is to allot enough time to average 9 minute miles. This is generally plenty and includes enough time for:

1. Really sloggy days.
2. Bathroom breaks.
3. Woodstove breaks.
4. Mileage padding.
5. Rest period between intervals.

And on and on. I always wake up just before 4am anyway so the only difference each day is how much coffee I drink before I go out.

Once you get used to it, it works out great - but I must warn you, I always run slower at this time of the day than when I use to run in the afternoon. No big deal, but at first a little disconcerting.

My advice, if you don't mind, is to draw up a plan of singles and then jot the time you will run it next to it. Planning solves low mileage weeks.

Keep at it!

11/29/2006 8:34 PM  
Blogger Hunter said...

Andrew, I think the way how Renato calculates the 80% MP of 6:20 is 6:20+20%of6:20=7:36, which is 19" faster than your 7:55.

11/29/2006 8:52 PM  

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