Friday, November 17, 2006

That easy, peaceful feeling

Scheduled workout: 18 miles easy. Target pace: none. Purpose: recovery / volume.

Results: 18.3 miles in 2:42:36 (time includes two bathroom stops). Average pace 8:53, HR 134 (60% maxHR). 6 x 3.05 mile loop. Loop splits:

1. 9:18 pace. Had to stop for skunk. Won't let me pass.
2. 8:45 pace. 3 crazy deer crisscrossing in front of me. Won't let me pass.
3. 8:42 pace. Enter Eric.
4. 8:38 pace.
5. 8:11 pace. Exit Eric after 3 loops.
6. 7:50 pace.

Average running pace was 8:34.

I beat the weather (it still hasn't arrived yet) but I just heard from Marc. He had to run in some nasty wet and wind. I just had to run in the wind. After loop #1 I reversed the direction I was running the loop in so I'd have more protection from the wind. On such a long run as this, these little things make a difference. Another change this time was the water bottle. I carried a small "fuel belt" bottle in my hand (6 oz.) and drank whenever I wanted as I went around the loops (refilling at the house). It just felt better getting fluids earlier and more frequently. Especially since this workout is the toughest of the week. It's so early, the body is dehydrated from sleeping all night and there's not enough time to adequately prep for a 2:45 jaunt around town. Before I run the long run on Sunday's I've been up for 2+ hours, had breakfast, and I am ready to go. However, before this weekly run I'm still wiping my eyes awake at mile 6.

But as much as I dislike running 18 miles on a weekday, I must say (and with apologies to the Eagles) that I get that easy, peaceful feeling all day after the run. There's something about the length of this particular run that elevates the level of those feel-good endorphins in the blood stream. With every heartbeat, another soothing flow saturates the receptors keeping me floating.

Of course, this state of mind is not conducive to, say, operating heavy equipment. And this why I have been pleased to see the portly state of our local road construction crew. I suspect that they haven't just run 18 miles before breakfast and therefore they must be keyed up and super alert. Unlike me, the driver of the lazy vehicle aimlessly wandering through their construction project on my way to work. Life is good.

2:45 report: Miles

Wreckage report: Still icing foot but I don't care. At least not today.


Blogger Mark I. said...

enjoy the drugs.

11/17/2006 11:51 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I love my Wednesday 18 miler. That would fit on a t-shirt. Nice run.

11/17/2006 2:25 PM  
Blogger Arcaner said...

yeah you can't be too careful when it comes to skunks.

11/17/2006 9:31 PM  

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