Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Real Work

Prep week #2 is the real thing. While it doesn't have the heights of my mileage goals, the 90 minute / 60 minute rotation feels so much better than the last two weeks. I'm still taking it easy pace-wise but the added time is adding just enough fatigue to make the training feel like training.

The last two weeks were just horrible. After a 60 minute workout, I had to look forward to the prospect of three 30 minute sessions before the next 60 minute workout. Lacing up for 30 minutes is not my idea of good day.

The pains are diminishing somewhat. I'm still on the Ibuprofen when I need to be. I find I hurt more just before the morning run than I do before the evening 30 minute recovery jog. It is easier to handle the pains when you're working on 90 minutes. Seems more worth it. I was stuck in the recovery that would not end. Blah!

My last two 30 minute workouts were on Sunday. Yesterday I got 90 minutes in the morning (11+ miles) and 30 mins at night. This morning I got in 7+ miles and 30 minutes at lunch. Tomorrow, back to 90 minutes. After Sunday, I'll be switching over to the hard mileage numbers instead of the time. This will have the effect of increasing my time on the course in the mornings by about 1/2 hour per session give or take. I'm expecting to make the transistion ok with the usual fatigue complaints and gripes from the muscles.

This is the worse part about triple digit running - getting there. Once I'm established, I can handle it and soak in the rewards. But right now, I think my conditioning is trying to find its valley after the peak at the marathon. I suspect it found it late last week as I'm just starting to feel a little better out on the roads. My HR is down, I'm running with greater flexibility and ease, and the enjoyment factor is much higher. Especially during the my evening supplemental runs - it's hard to call 30 minutes 'supplemental' when that's what I ran in the morning as well.

I'm eating too much candy these days. The increased mileage coupled with a certain holiday is wreaking havoc with my diet. Yuck.


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