Sunday, May 28, 2006

Working This Out

Well, it looks like this may take awhile, but all is not lost yet. Today I went out for another two miles (planned this time). The knee hurt after 1/2 mile but not as bad - probably because I was running quite easily.

I spent a lot of time doing "high knees" and "high kicks" and some short striding. While the knee was stiff, this went a lot better. Best of all, the leg stopped hurting after I finished - unlike yesterday where it continued to hurt most of the day.

Looks like the length of the run and the intensity of it contributes to the pain. So if I can keep flexible and fit with some short bouts of strides and stretches I'll take it.

The planned hill work for tomorrow has been postponed until Tuesday. I won't run it the leg into the ground, but giving the short length of each "repeat", I'm betting this will work better than a run of some mileage. Of course, we won't know until we get out there.

Congrats to Duncan on another sub 2:40. The time wasn't what he wanted but we all know what that's like. He's top drawer in the marathon and it won't be long before he breaks under 2:30 on his way to 2:22.


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