Friday, June 02, 2006

Quarters on the Taxiway

This week in deference to my leg not liking anything longer than 1 mile, I have still (against better judgement) started my core workouts for the new marathon (sans the long run). It's worked out well in that the leg stays attached and pain free for the most part and I am able to stimulate the anaerobic system in the way that I want. So Tuesday Eric and I did hills, and today we did "quarters" out on the taxiway of the local airstrip.

Both workouts had the effect of highlighting my general weakness. I knew I had very little tolerance to lactic acid and I proved it beyond doubt with this new start. By the 5th hill (short and steep) I was frazzled, and by #7 I was on the ground. Today was worse.

The taxiway is estimated to be just under 1/4 mile but by how much I am unsure. It doesn't matter except for some time comparisons perhaps but it gets the job done. It declines ever so slightly and the surface is relatively easy on the feet being newly constructed. Eric, a strong sprinter, played pace maker as we tore down the taxiway. I'd hang off his shoulder until he let go 3/4's to the finish and I'd press for home. Each time this built up an enormous amount of lactic acid and I was gasping for breath and and trying to get my bearings at the end of them. On the 3rd go, I hung off Eric's shoulder as usual then kicked in for the final leg for my fastest attempt. But to the ground I went trying to avoid vomiting on the pavement. I sat around awhile trying to get myself together and then found the strength to start the walk back to the starting line. But halfway up the taxiway I indeed had to stop and relieve the upset stomach by throwing up on the side. Amazing how well I felt after that.

I did another two repeats but at a much lower intensity where the lactic acid built up in the legs but did reach my lungs. The leg held up ok but felt a little sore on the very last one just as I was finishing. 5 total.

I read where folks do a dozen of these. It will be awhile but I like the fact that I tackling one of my weakest points as a runner.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Man! It's all or nothing for you isn't it? I'd be taking it slow and easy on that leg while you run intervals till you puke! You're mad, mad, MAD!!

Take it easy will ya?

6/02/2006 8:34 PM  
Blogger Robb said...

That sounds like pure punishment! I wish that leg of yours would come around.

6/04/2006 4:37 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

You, my friend, are on a disastrous course to ruin with your current training. This is no way to break a three hour marathon, I hope you are having fun. ;-)

Any chance you could provide a good source for races in the Kennebunk\Biddeford area around the August time frame?

6/04/2006 4:39 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

For some Maine race schedules, try

Not all inclusive I have found in the past however. So Google some "fairs / festivals" in nearby towns. Some nice local races can be found in that manner as well. A quick look found races in Rockland, Bath, Portland, and Auburn.

Good luck and enjoy your visit.

6/05/2006 10:52 AM  

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