Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ham Radio Run

I did a double today to break the 2hrs 15mins on the schedule into two runs. Recovery day and a weekend so I took advantage of being able to run two recovery workouts.

The first was 90 minutes in the cool morning air. 10.81 miles @ 8:20 pace. The second run was in the awful afternoon heat (probably 70 or 75 degrees) so I was a little warm. Got in 5.75 miles @ 7:59 pace. But this run was much more fun.

I was on my first mile when I saw Victor (callsign N4VIC) up on Hollis' (WB1EZU) roof installing a ham radio antenna. So naturally I stopped to help. After hanging out there for awhile, I completed my run and finished back at Hollis' to see how they did. Antenna was installed, the radio hooked up and they were working Europe on 20 meters. Ham radio gatherings are always a lot of fun. Then Ralph (KA1FUE) showed up and the shack was full. 

Total mileage for the day: 16.56.


Blogger Ewen said...

Settle down Andrew. When you start running in 95+ I'll give you permission to call that "awful afternoon heat".

7/26/2009 12:35 AM  
Blogger lindsay said...

hey 70-75 is a big change for someone used to ~55 and no sun (in the early morn). i'll give you credit.

114 miles for the week isn't too bad either!

7/26/2009 8:01 PM  

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