Thursday, December 13, 2007

The forever zone

Gently, gently was today's run. Thursdays are easy but harder than Wednesdays. It's a balancing act. Not too slow, and not too fast.

When I'm out there I try to get a good pace going without the heart rate rising beyond the easy zone. It's all by feel until I get home and see what the run averaged in terms of pace and HR. It's one of the fun runs of the week. As I'm running I'm thinking, "I wonder if this is too fast?" or "I wonder if I could go a little faster?" Knowing that the initial miles average a pretty low HR, I feel comfortable letting the pace increase gradually as the workout progresses.

Ever notice that the faster you go the better you feel? At least until you leave the zone on the other side. This is also noticeable going up a hill. The increased heart rate pumps that lovely oxygen to the muscles and that good flow just elevates the mood. Well, somewhere past mile 3 this morning, while keeping it between easy and hard, I hit the "forever zone". Meteors shot overhead as a sunrise kissed the sky and I felt like I could have run forever.

8.1 miles ~ 7:36 pace. 145 HR.


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