Monday, November 05, 2007

End 2 Begin 3

Sunday Monday again. Week went by very fast.

Marc didn't make it down Saturday night so I had to run my long run by myself since Mike is in Ottawa. Marc will try to make it down next weekend.

Got in 15.1 miles as my long run. Building up slowly this time. Ran 3 laps of the in-town 5 miler which means an abundance of little hills. This brought my HR up to 149 instead of the target 145. A little too hard.

I paid attention this morning to run easily. Especially since I could feel the 15 miles of hills in my groin muscles all day yesterday. My HR this morning - an easy 133. I needed it.

I got my extra hour and I've spent it already. I felt tired this morning at 3:30 just like I normally do. I thought maybe I'd get a reprieve, but no. Everyone else in Eastport were wondering what to do with the extra hour so they got in their cars and drove around while I was trying to do my workout.

Last Week: 60.2 miles

Sunday: 15.1 miles 2 hours. ~ 7:59 pace. HR 149.

Monday: 7 miles 1:02:xx ~ 8:56 pace. HR 133.


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