Thursday, October 25, 2007


7.3 miles ~ 8:17 pace for an hour. Felt good. HR 140.

Work has been so busy lately I haven't time to put more than 'log data' on the blog. So 'boring' pretty much describes the blog too! ha ha.

The past two weeks have felt very easy and relaxed. That is a good sign that I am approaching the recovery/beginning stage correctly. Making a smooth transition. Hopefully this will continue.

The danger is my schedule. I must run very early now to fit it all in. I foresee at some point getting a little fatigued if I don't get enough sleep. So far I've been able to get to bed earlier but you know how that goes.


Blogger Jamie said...

Early bedtime... and potentially miss the Red Sox in the World Series? Blasphemy!

10/25/2007 9:00 AM  

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