Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flakes in my face

This morning had the distinction of being this season's first snowy run. Fat flakes fell into the headlamp beam as I did my 'hard' day of 75 minutes @ 150 HR.

The run didn't go well. When I returned I had an avg HR of 162. I'll being paying close attention tomorrow to run easily and get that recovery I'm obviously needing this morning. (Not enough sleep is my guess).

I felt ok but I had a suspicion the effort was a little harder than it had to be for the pace I was running.

10.4 miles ~7:13 pace. 162 HR.


Blogger Mark said...

Your needing more rest sounds like a good idea based on the HR and "feels like" pace on your run. Keep in mind the last several days as they tend to build up, but often get overlooked.

Keep at it, it's motivating to see you back on the daily blog routine.

10/30/2007 7:29 AM  

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