Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've been running. My silence was not indicative of a layoff (like it usually is). Here are the details since my last:


17 miles in 2:29:xx ~ 8:48 pace. HR 134. Did some fartlek work a la Faster Master Mark. Should not have.

Week ended with 67.3 miles

The rest of Sunday:

Legs very sore from long run w/fartlek.  Legs extremely stiff. Very tired. While bringing wood up from the basement, I stepped on a nail with my left foot. Washed foot, went to bed. Had it.


Toast. Could not get out of bed, plus my foot hurt. Rest day. Got a massage at night.


10 miles. Progression run with a slow start and harder finish. 1:20:xx ~ 8:03 pace. HR 141. Rain and wind.


Felt better. Clear skies, bright moon. Lovely time of it. 10 miles 1:25:xx ~ 8:33 pace. HR 133.


Blogger Mark said...

Didn't you think running 17 miles was hard enough work? Why would you add fartleks?

Your in base training, remember. Save the Superman stuff for the race.

Glad to see you didn't go cold.

11/29/2007 5:25 AM  

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