Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Let the games begin

10.7 miles at an utter crawl.
Gently, gently, ever so tenderly coaxing the legs to give the lungs some air time.  They seem to be allowing it.
The soreness this morning was the typical beginning-of-training complaint.  No acute pain anywhere and the knee behaved as best it could.  I ran on any and all soft dirt.  I ran slowly with easy form.  The goal was to get my 10 miles, to get my time, to have the heart rate elevated for about 90 minutes.  It's the classic battle between aerobic development and muscle/skeletal stress.
Looking for that fatigue.  Got to enter the zone.
9:04 pace 139 HR



Blogger Marc said...

A crawl is better than a stall.

5/01/2007 8:11 AM  

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