Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Running With Freighters

Went out to run easily this morning but it morphed into a 'hard' run according to the heart rate. The good news: the knee was fine this morning with no pain. I did pop 2 ibuprofen prior to the run just in case.

Yesterday was a day off since I had to pull the plug on Monday's run at 40 minutes. The rest did me good as I felt refreshed and relaxed. The weather was clear and cool at 30 degrees and a slight northerly wind. As I ran along the east side of the island I looked out onto the Passamaquoddy Bay as the sky started to glow above Campobello Island. The lights on the Canadian islands in the bay all twinkled their good morning.

Looming in the foreground was a freighter leaving Eastport heading for the St. Croix River for a stop at Bayside (Canada) before it sailed off to some far away destination. The ship's significance contrasted its silent passage. The ship was underway but it gave an illusion of sitting still. But as I ran past each house a new view showed the ship keeping pace with me. By the end of the street I'm pretty sure it was passing me. A quick wave at whoever might be watching from the bridge and I turned away, up a hill, and was gone.

I am happy with how the run progressed - 1 hour 'high aerobic' effort. 8.63 miles, 1:00:00. HR 159. Avg pace 6:58.

3:50 (6:08 pace - .63 mile)


Blogger Love2Run said...

Sounds like a great run! All you were missing is a camera to flash the passing freighter but you describe it well.

4/11/2007 6:49 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Yes, very poetic description of the freighter. Glad to hear the knee wasn't an issue. Hope you stay healthy.

4/11/2007 8:40 PM  
Blogger Ruslan said...

You're doing it Great! Hope to get those splits in several weeks.

4/13/2007 8:16 AM  

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