Saturday, November 25, 2006

3 x 5k.

Scheduled workout: 10 miles Long Speed Variations. 3 x 5k with target paces increasing from 6:09 to 5:55 w/3min recovery. Purpose Aerobic Power.

Results: 3 x 5k. Splits:

5k #1 19:04 (6:09 pace) HR 172

Rest 5:11

5k #2 19:05 (6:09 pace) HR 173

Rest 6:37

5k #3 19:20 (6:14 pace) HR 169

I learned a valuable lesson today: I can do it.

Maybe I can't hit the target paces yet, but I was shocked when I started on the 2nd 5k and found my mile 1 split at 5:53 when I didn't think I could do this again. I kept telling myself to just relax, get good cadence, and don't strain.

It worked. The way my 5k course is designed, it is beneficial to go through mile 1 with a little time on the clock because the final mile has a short uphill that just bleeds time unless I go on the attack. But my mantra is 'don't strain' when I'm out there so I don't do any attacking. I tried to run fast without stress. If this meant a slower time than I would like - so be it. No strain, no strain, no strain. Relax, relax, relax.

Shocked!!! Shocked to complete the 2nd 5k within 1 second of the first. I knew a progression was not in the cards for me at these paces - not without tearing down the final stretch at the risk of injury. So I was surprised to find that with the same level of effort, I got through repeat #2 right on the lower edge of the suggested paces.

I took a little more time on the rest than the schedule suggested but that was necessary. I drank lots of water and basically got myself back to normal.

Repeat #3 was tough. Just standing there at the start line, staring down the street, thinking that I have to bust down that road was very, very tough. But once I got going I just forced myself to relax. I could tell the pace was down but I didn't worry about it. I was out there to work.

Mile 1 of the final repeat went by in 6:09 so I knew the total time would be slower since this is the fastest mile on this route. I hit mile 2 in 12:18 but then came my tiny hill. Ever so slight a rise and I bled time fast. No strain. At the top I picked up the pace and headed for the finish. I had to focus on this repeat but I got there. I remember thinking as I approached the end that this was over fast. The 19:20 for the final and a heart rate of 169 (lower effort) told me that my poor legs were getting tired.

I felt the lactate building on the final mile of each repeat. But the lungs seemed to be ok. And when I stopped I felt fine -except the legs could use a break. A good workout - felt pleasantly tired at the end - but so glad to be done. If I had to do another 5k, I would have serious doubts how far past the 1st mile I could keep any type of pace.

Speaking of doubts, I was very nervous about this workout. When I read what I was to do for this workout last night I couldn't believe it. It was basically three aerobic power workouts all in one - except at slower suggested paces. My last 20 minute aerobic power workout had me average 6:06 per mile for 3.3 miles. I ran well for the first 2 miles but blew the final 1.3 miles lowering the average pace. It was very similar today out there. First two were quick (and quicker than 'planned') but the final mile brought the truth home each time.

I am getting better at managing my pace even though it doesn't seem like it. I went through mile 1 on the first repeat around 5:55 and I relaxed through mile two and when I found myself still with some cushion I relaxed through the end to end smack on the 6:09 pace. I thought I'd better start at 6:09 pace if I was going to have any chance for a progression. Repeat #2 started the same way, hitting mile two in 11:59. But that last mile just took the cake - 6:27 pace to the finish. My final mile on the last repeat was very similar in time but it took much more focus.

As I type through this post I am now thinking I could probably manage that small hill better (and thus the last mile) if I went out a little slower. I'm just so nervous about getting behind in time in mile one and thus creating the need to bust down County Road to make up time in mile 2. But I'll get there.

So in the final tally: I didn't die and slowed only slightly. A completely different outcome than I expected. It wasn't easy but nothing ever is.

Tomorrow I run with Mike in Canada. I hope he goes easy on me.


Blogger Eric said...

Hot. Damn. Nice workout, Andrew. Once in a while it's good to be reminded to push out the limits a bit further and look past what we 'think' we're capable of doing. Often, the message that comes back is: more than you 'thought'.

Great running. Very exciting!

11/25/2006 12:32 PM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

3x?k ? you are certified insane. I will have the ambulance waiting in the morning. Watch for the deer in my dooryard...

11/25/2006 4:28 PM  
Blogger Wayne said...

Sounds like a pretty good workout. Good job!

11/25/2006 7:44 PM  
Blogger Hunter said...

Andrew, this is what I thought that I need to improve upon -- aerobic power. But I shall progressively build it up instead of jump right in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and training experience.

11/26/2006 5:22 PM  
Blogger Mark I. said...

Man, that's smokin'.

11/26/2006 6:43 PM  

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