Monday, November 27, 2006


With the weekend fun over, it's time for the grind.

Scheduled workout: 15 miles easy. Target pace: none. Purpose: recovery / volume.

Results: 15.6 miles in 2:20:14 (8:59 pace). 3 x 5.2 mile loop. Pace splits:

Loop 1 9:22 pace
Loop 2 9:03 pace
Loop 3 8:33 pace

Wx: cool, clear, dark.

Last week in quick review: 102 miles. Parrott predictor: 2:56:16. Average pace 8:14. Average HR 146.

Upcoming fun:

This week's schedule shifts slightly as the Aerobic Resistance quality work is a little longer than the short day allows. Therefore, Tuesday's 10 will be another recovery day, pushing the hard day to Wednesday so I have more time to complete the workout. This makes this week unique in that I only have two hard days instead of 3. This happens every 3rd week.

Wednesday: Resistance run. 1 hour even pace @ 80% MP then 10 x 2 minutes 100% MP w/2 min recovery @ 80% MP. Finish mileage (15 miles total) at 80%.

Friday: Aerobic power. 5k @ 6:02; 4k @ 5:57, 3k @ 5:52. w/ 3 min recovery (yeah, right) in between. Rest of mileage (18 miles total) at recovery pace.


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