Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Candy 10

Scheduled workout: 10 miles easy. Purpose: recovery / volume.

Result: 10.5 miles in 1:30:05 (8:35 pace). HR 133 (60%). Loop pace splits: 9:04 / 8:05.

Ran with Eric on the first loop. We did a new 5.25 mile loop to avoid the pitch darkness out near the airport. Town traffic was a little heavier than usual. Probably because we were on some streets that we're not often on.

The run was so easy. Two recovery days in a row! I got up this morning just relishing the idea of 10 miles and no speed. Of course, I'll pay for all of this tomorrow and Friday but I might as well enjoy it now. Eric said it should be like candy for me today. And he's right.


Blogger Jamie said...

Nice going. The calm before the storm...

11/28/2006 8:43 PM  

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